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About us

Kamisha from Little Wren Flowers

Little Wren Flowers is a boutique floral studio that specialises in weddings and events. Located in the heart of Newcastle, we’re open by appointment only. Please browse our range of flowers and services in our shop

The concept of Little Wren Flowers was dreamed up in 2013 by Kamisha Refalo, who wanted to offer Newcastle and its surrounds a bespoke and creative approach to floristry.

Kamisha has been working with flowers on and off since she was 17 years old. Her weddings and events are known for their boho vibe, with bouquets, floral crowns and freeform arrangements made from a mix of foraged and bought flowers. No matter the bride or the brief, Kamisha loves the collaborative process of wedding and event floristry, and has been inspired by the warmth, creativity and friendship of the broader Newcastle community.

Kamisha herself has a deep love for the natural, unaffected beauty of Australian wildflowers and the absolute perfection of fragrant garden roses. She balances life at Little Wren with her other love, her family – partner Wes and their two young sons.